3 questions you need to answer to kickstart your wedding planning

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  1. When are you going to get married?

Yay! You are engaged and telling everyone in the world who will listen…and the almost immediate follow up question to your announcement is: “Have you set a date?”.  In my opinion, let’s give a girl a chance to be excited about her ring and dreaming about her wedding dress before bringing the planning reality into the conversation!

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Okay but on a serious note, you do need to pick a date, it’s actually one of the first things to get squared away, because everyone will need to know this all important set of numbers in order for you to move forward with your planning. To have any idea what venues are realistic for you to consider, you need a date. To have any idea for that matter what vendors you can work with at all…you need a date for them to compare schedules.

Beyond just the date of your wedding, consider what day of the week you are getting married as part of this process. You can often save money with many of your vendors by having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday.

As you consider and narrow down dates, make sure to be in communication with key family members and friends about what you are thinking to avoid potential conflicts. Ultimately though, make sure that it’s a date you and your finance can make! 🙂

2. What does your budget look like?

Weddings do not pay for themselves, another slightly unfortunate reality that will set in among those first glorious days of engaged bliss…sigh.

For planning purposes you will want to have candid conversations with your fiance and an involved family members about how you are going to pay for your wedding. Establishing a budget is crucial to your plannec9ffa8e3c8921ed36595cf208d3d646ing as it will give direction to what vendors can afford to consider. Additionally, it will help you make decisions about what to DIY and what to pay someone else to do..etc.

You can get into the details of how you are spending your budget money  a little later on in your planning. For this initial stage you just are figuring out who is financially responsible for the wedding and what funds you have to work with, whatever your number is, you will be able to  have a beautiful wedding!

3. Who is getting invited?

Okay, last thing, and then you can take a break, or at least have a another drink! Who are you inviting to your wedding? Just generally speaking, identify a core group of people that you can’t imagine your wedding day without. Identify potential bridal party members and just overall develop a rough idea of what size wedding you are looking at from a people standpoint.

Again, this question is a key question because it will help determine what venues you can eliminate because they are too big, too small, too expensive…etc. and what venues might be just right. It wi9985809c0cc9d5ad9f101d9d781e8aadll also help when it comes to determining where you are spending your budget funds. Have you always dreamed of having a big wedding? Okay, great, but depending on your budget that may mean working a little harder behind the scenes to save money to feed your large guest list.

Alright – you did it! You have started planning your big day! It’s official, celebrate, tell the world, create a little hashtag, take a selfie, (or do none of these things!).




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