5 Bridesmaid Gifts under $20


If you need a break from planning big day details, spend some time thinking about the group of ladies who are supporting you through all of this – your lovely bridesmaids!!

There seems to be an endless stream of ideas of what to get your girls. My advice is to stay simple. Pick one special gift or focus and add a personal touch. Here is a list of some cute items all for under $20 to get you started.

*Disclaimer* I have personally selected the items below, this post is not sponsored or part of any promotion. Happy shopping!



Personalized Earrings from ThePeachMambo $18


Monogrammed Make-up bag from SewingByGrace $16


Personalized Wine Glass from DrinkableWeddings $8 per glass


Monogrammed Tote Bag from Design Within You $16


Personalized Coffee Mug from Everyday Calligraphy $18 (20% discount on orders 6+)



9 thoughts on “5 Bridesmaid Gifts under $20

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t been able to add any “pin it” options. From what I understand it’s because wordpress doesn’t allow that on sites that are being hosted for free… 😦


  1. I wish I saw this before my wedding. I went all out for some of my bridesmaids. Over 100 bucks each. Wish I hadn’t though. However I Will keep this list for small birthday gifts that some friends can appreciate


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