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Happy Mrs. Monday, second edition! Our bride this week is just lovely and I know you will love getting to learn all about her wedding day 🙂


Meet Jamie! Jamie and her lovely husband Scott just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary!! They tied the knot on January 23, 2015. Jamie is one of my oldest and dearest friends so I had the privilege of being by her side as she went through all the ups and downs of wedding planning, ultimately leading to her big day. Jamie and her wedding were just stunning. I hope you’re drinking something good right now (wine, coffee…) as you take a few minutes to get to know her and hear all about how she planned her dream day!



How did you and your husband meet?  

Do you want the long or short version?  Ha.  

Short version:  We met at our church through a mutual friend.

Long version – I wrote this in a journal the day Scott asked me to be his girlfriend:

I met Scott on August 11 [2013] through a mutual friend and knew something was different about him.  He’s a Christian, he’s witty, he’s smart, he’s kind, he’s compassionate, he’s funny, he’s tall, and he’s an accountant (okay, maybe the last two are a little shallow)… but, he’s great.  

He’s a gentleman and I knew I wanted to get to know him.  Well, apparently, he wanted to get to know me, too.  So, we started hanging out and talking to each other.  As we got to know each other a little better, I started to get more and more scared.  I was terrified of falling for this guy.  He’s everything I want in a guy, but I was doing everything to push him away.  

So, I do what I do best and tried ruining it.  But, respectfully, he kept pursuing me and I couldn’t understand why (which absolutely kills me).  After explaining my apprehension and fear to a close friend, she encouraged me to let it unfold without needing to understand everything that was happening.  Obviously, I’m not great at this “just go with the flow and let it happen” idea.  But I decided to listen and give it a shot.  

I had to make a conscious effort to think of every reason why I don’t deserve Scott and really embrace the fact that he wanted to be with me.  As a result, Scott asked, ever so sweet, “I know what I want so I don’t want to wait any longer; will you be my girlfriend?” And, now here we are and I’m so excited to begin this new journey.11539565_10205123022890598_5592933382278118893_n

Length of engagement?

10.5 months

Favorite part of planning?

Being done 🙂

While that’s kinda true, I really enjoyed spending so much time with my mom and my sister (MOH) throughout the process.  It was amazing to see the excitement in both of them as they genuinely enjoyed sharing one of the most joyful seasons of my life with me.  IMG_5021

My mom and sister are two of the most supportive people in the universe and they didn’t disappoint for this milestone.  I really don’t think I could have gotten through the planning without their love and support.  They put everything in perspective when I started to go a little lot crazy and loved me throughout the journey.  Also, we celebrated every single decision that was made; yes, even the little ones, because I’m not as decisive as I’d like to believe.

Hardest part of planning?

Hm.  Keeping organized didn’t come as naturally as it does for every other aspect of my life.  I don’t know why but I had a really difficult time with all the paperwork I seemed to accrue.  It probably didn’t help that prior to every decision I did several days of research and printed way more than I had to.  IMG_9367

Ceremony venue?

Long Key Nature Center – Davie, FLimage2

Ceremony music?  

  • Song I walked down the aisle to:  A Thousand Years (acoustic version) – Christina Perri
  • Sand Pouring:  It is Well (performed by friends) – The Ember Days10422476_10205937741226649_7156906114675357423_n

Scripture readings?

Oh gosh, this is terrible but I can’t remember.  I was quite the mess during the ceremony.  I’m not sure if my eyes were dry for even a minute.

Reception venue?

Long Key Nature Center, Davie, FL11222016_10205509508432495_4498771666560580721_n

Color palette?

Royal purple, lavender, baby blue, grey

Flower details?

  • Bridal Bouquet:  Light lavender (bluebird) roses and accents of dark purple stock;
  • Bridesmaids: Picasso calla lilies
  • Groom:  Lavender rose with dark purple stock
  • Groomsmen:  White mini calla lily with accent of delphinium
  • Father of Bride/Groom:  White rose with caspia and greens
  • Mother of Bride/Groom & Grandmother:  Ivory spray roses with greens
  • Aisle runner:  Light lavender and dark purple rose petals
  • Centerpiece accents: Babies breathIMG_0409.JPG

Wedding party size?

5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen; 1 ring bearerIMG_2302

Overall size of wedding?

LARGE.  I didn’t realize how many people we knew (or how big our family was) until we started planning our wedding.

First dance song?

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeranimage1

Father/Daughter dance?

Let it Grow – Eric Claptonimage4

Mother/son dance?

All of Me – John Legend

What did you DIY?

A better question is, “What didn’t we DIY?!” – ha.

My sister was the head of most of these projects because I don’t have a single creative bone in my body but I had a lot of visions!  We felt very ambitious in the beginning and started the DIY projects with our Save the Date cards.  We continued with the invitations: printing, assembling, labeling, etc.

I wanted to create a tree for our guests to sign so Scott (husband) cut the trunk out of wood and Tracy (MOH) assembled the rest.  

We assembled the name cards – succulent plants in small tins with pebble rocks and flags with names of each guest.
Tracy made our cake topper – two dove birds with top hat and veil – and my garter.  IMG_5044
A friend and I made two banners: the one for the stage said, “MR & MRS 01.23.15” and “KOPF”.IMG_9681

Another accent we made was a frame with the written Bible verse, “I have found the one whom my soul loves”, Song of Solomon 3:4.  IMG_5045

Another friend (and owner of this blog *cough*Kyla*cough*) wrote a beautiful welcome sign for our reception and ceremony; my mom created a welcome sign for our evening that staked into the ground and directed people to the ceremony.  IMG_3499

After talking to Scott and looking through pictures, I think that’s a pretty comprehensive list. 🙂 

Share one fun personal touch you added to your day?

I made a memory book for Scott from our history together.  I divided it into three sections:  How we met, Will you be my girlfriend?, I SAID YES.  When Scott proposed I started a daily log of one memory from that day and compiled all the memories and pictures into a journal for him to open on our wedding day.  11760312_10205320641470939_4305643451696518286_nI had so much fun making it and I think he really enjoyed reading {some} of it before seeing me walk down the aisle.  We still get to enjoy it, too!

Any fun stories from planning?  

The two most memorable planning stories have to do with the assembly of the place cards:  

1 – a bunch of friends came over to attach a ribbon to each succulent tin

2 – the Wednesday before our wedding two of my bridesmaids from out of town were staying with me and we got to assemble the succulents for final display.  We got to enjoy wine and each others company while laughing and cursing the idea by the 150th tin.


Favorite part of your wedding day?  

Other than marrying my best friend?  It’s hard to pick just one thing; there were so many little things that made the day so special.  10502303_10153759008090021_6151044395450318837_n

And because I can, I’ll list a few:  

Spending the entire day getting ready with my five best friends, embracing my mother as we shared joyful tears of her baby getting married, enjoying a special moment with my dad before he walked me down the aisle, seeing my fiance at the end of a very long aisle (okay, it wasn’t that long but the walk felt like a mile), celebrating our marriage in the most beautiful ceremony I could have ever dreamt of, hearing the most thoughtful (and hilarious) maid-of-honor speech given by my very outspoken sister, dancing the night away with some of the most special people in our lives, and, because I’d be lying if I didn’t say it,  leaving the reception to enjoy the rest of the evening with my new HUSBAND.



Any resources you loved to use?

Pinterest mostly… But, let’s be honest – it’s both a blessing and a curse.  There are a lot of great ideas but you can drive yourself crazy trying to execute all of them and still stay within budget!

Any ways you were able to save money?  

Yes! is such a great resource to find very cute, slightly used, wedding decorations/necessities.  Think of the Craigslist for weddings – it’s amazing.  

Also, I did TONS of research before buying anything.  Google was my best friend and I used coupons whenever I had the opportunity.  

For example, I bought the most beautiful lanterns from Pier 1 Imports and saved 20% off.  I think I ended up paying $9 each for them.  

Also, we bought the invitations from Hobby Lobby and printed/assembled them ourselves which saved a ton of money.

What advice would you share with a bride-to-be?  

Enjoy every moment of the planning process – no matter how long or tiring it can feel, it will be over before you know it.  At the end of it all, you will be married to your best friend and there isn’t a better feeling in the world!image3

Fun bonus! Check out the Kopf’s wedding day video!

Videography by Regan Kramer Media

Jamie’s photographer: Solis Lux Photography

Jamie’s bridesmaid dresses, David’s Bridal Style 83690 in Regency 


4 thoughts on “Mrs. Kopf

  1. Loved reading about this wedding through the eyes of Jamie! Gave me the chance to experience this celebration since I live out of state and was not able to attend. Scott is my nephew who had the good sense to choose this girl for his bride! We love him and her but mostly, we love the two of them together! Wishing them many years of happiness!


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