20+ {Free} “Will You Be my Bridesmaid” cards!

You’ve said yes to your cute man with a sparkly ring and after you called your mom – who was next on the list? Probably some of your closest girlfriends!

Like all things wedding, I think that popping the question to your bridal party has gotten a little bit out of hand. However you choose to ask your bridal party, the main thing is just to be heartfelt and thoughtful. Being in a wedding can be an expensive & time consuming commitment! Keeping things simple and personal when asking your bridal party members will in turn help to keep your overall bride stress levels low too. 

When I got married, all my bridesmaids lived geographically no where near me, so I asked all of  them verbally over skype/facetime and it was perfect. One of my married girlfriends sent my a sweet letter asking me to be her bridesmaid with a little travel bag full of pampering supplies. Another girlfriend meant to give me a bottle of wine a la this idea but found out the hard way that you’re not supposed to mail bottles of wine…so she just asked me to be in her wedding and told me she intended to give me a bottle of wine – which we had a good laugh over!

Bottom line: Your girlfriends will be thrilled to be included and there are tons of free ways to add something a little special to the way you ask them to stand by your side, so take advantage of them. Check out the best options for beautiful, funny, & cute cards that you can print and use! Even if you aren’t super “crafty” these are pretty fool-proof: print, fold, and maybe cut. 🙂

For all of these cards it is recommend that you print them off on card stock/heavy weight paper and cut/fold as necessary.


Weddings & Wine – Polka dot Bridal Party set, 5 colors

Something Turquoise – Etsy Wedding Artists Freebies

A Handcrafted Wedding – Free Printable Cards

Something Pretty – Bridesmaid cardsfree-printable-bridesmaid-car-by-kelsey-of-pinegate-road-2

The Elli Blog – Lace & Burlap cardIMG_2874-2-1024x6822

Wedding Party – 8 free cards to choose from


Bummed Bride – Bridesmaid Cardwill-you-be-my-bridesmaid-free-printable-rustic.jpg

Wedding Chicks – Tandem Bike, 21 colors to choose fromwillyoubike.jpgWedding Chicks – Vintage, 21 colors to choose fromwillyoube2

Wedding Chicks – Classic, 21 colors to choose fromwillyoube3

Chicfetti – Floral Cards182349d90e9c548e47d2207f5d001a8dChicfetti – Spotted cardsfree-printable-will-you-be-my-bridesmaid-card-spotted-blush-21-400x533Chicfetti – Gold confettifree-printable-will-you-be-my-bridesmaid-card-confetti-gold-2-400x533

Always Rooney – Bridesmaid & MOH cardsIMG_2987.jpg

Pretty My Party – Polka dot cardd52ff934-d679-11e4-93a7-22000af93a2d

Legacy Loft – Be my MOH, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl…

wooden table texture background

Lemon Wedding – Bridesmaid cardsbridesmade-card-lemonwedding-ETSY

Paper & Lace – 4 cardsWill-you-be-my-bridesmaid-printables_0002

Vantastic Weddings – Free 5×7 cardwillyoubemybridesmaid

Swooned: Free Printable Bridal Party CardsCapture

Free Printables Terms & Conditions:

 If you would like to share these printables or images with your readers or on social media please link directly to this printable page, not to the printable file itself and provide a full credit link. All designs and images are property of their original pages and cannot be sold, marketed or given away on a commercial level in either a digital format or a completed physical product.




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