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Happy Mrs. Monday, also best candy sale day of the year, thank you Valentine’s for being yesterday 🙂 Our bride this week is so sweet, just like her wedding which I’m excited to share!


Meet Kaitlin! Kaitlin and her suave husband Mat tied the knot on May 24, 2014. Kaitlin is another of one of my oldest and dearest friends. I remember the phone call I got after she first met Mat – he was kind of a big deal, so it was a great joy to support them & celebrate with them as they started their marriage many years later!! Their wedding was full of personal touches and lots of love from family and friends. Mat & Kaitlin have recently started their own coffee roasting business, so in their honor drink a cup of coffee while you check out their wedding fun!

How did you and your husband meet?  

Mat and I were introduced by a close friend.  She was going on a first date and invited us both to double with her.  We started dating about a week later and dated for over two years before getting engaged.

Length of engagement?

Approximately 2 years10329875_10202977359172778_8761583010659809391_o

Favorite part of planning?

I honestly loved planning my wedding.  I had a long engagement, so I was able to take my time and do little things here and there.  I loved being able to spend time with my mom during the planning process as well.  She was so wonderful and helpful; I could not have done it without her!    10333779_10202303637815884_4289745581764279882_o.jpg

Hardest part of planning?

Seating charts were the worst!  It was a challenge to make sure people were sat by someone they knew/liked.  You often have people that you know from many different areas of your life, so making sure they all enjoy themselves and can sit with someone they know is important, but challenging.  At one point, we just decided to do the best we could and not stress too much about making the seating arrangement perfect.  

Ceremony venue?

We were married at my home church, Augustana Lutheran, in Hobart, IN.10293854_10202303770939212_3196813294847813773_o

Ceremony music?

We have a phenomenal pianist at our church and we gave him free reign over the music for the ceremony.  We met with him a few times before the wedding to listen to and approve of his selections, but we trusted his judgement and believe he did an amazing job.  

Scripture readings?

This is terrible, but I do not remember.  We met with our pastor to select the verses but our selections are not written down anywhere and due to my terrible memory, I do not remember them!

Reception venue?

Our reception was held at The Allure in LaPorte, INIMG_6152.JPG

Color palate?

Black, white, & aqua

Flower details?

White calla lillies for the bouquets and boutonnieres IMG_5822  

Wedding party size?

4 bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen, 1 flower girl and 1 ringbearer.Bridal Party.JPG

Overall size of your wedding?

I would say that we had a medium size wedding.  We had about 150 people in attendance.  You do not realize how many people you know until you plan a wedding!

First dance song?

Then by Brad Paisley.  Mat used to sing this song to me early on in our relationship and it always makes me cry!

Father/Daughter dance?

Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle.  I heard this song when I was a little girl and always knew that it would perfect for my father/daughter dance.Picture of a special dance

What were your DIY projects?

We made our centerpieces, bouquets, name cards and pie bar.  

I am not an exceptionally crafty person, and so the amount of DIYing was limited but I did enjoy making the items that we did.  We included friends and family which made the experience even more enjoyable.    


DIY at the wedding, so pretty!


What is one fun & personal touch you added to your day?

 One of the very special aspects of our day was the pie bar that we did for dessert.  My husband’s favorite dessert is pie and he was very insistent that he wanted a pie bar at our wedding.  We recruited friends, family, and a local bakery to contribute pies and everyone was incredibly generous and it added a very special touch to our day.


Any fun stories from planning?  

Hmm this is a tough one.  I think that putting together our centerpieces with a few of my bridesmaids and some crafty friends.  I am not crafty at all but I fortunately have patient friends who were willing to suffer through that process with me!  

I asked Mat what he remembers as a “funny story” from our planning and he reminded me of the one argument we had during the process.

We were selecting invitations and I was making a lot of little decisions.  One decision was “square or triangle flaps on the envelope”.  I chose to ask him about this while he was playing a video game and he said “I honestly don’t care”.  

I must have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of decisions, because I REALLY wanted him to care and have an opinion.  I believe I cried and walked away and the poor guy was super confused! HAHA!

Favorite part of your wedding day?  

I really enjoyed the period of time between the ceremony and the reception.  I felt so much calmer since the stress of the ceremony was over and was able to relax for the first time that day.  

I enjoyed sharing a glass (or two) of champagne with our bridal party and cranking up the music and dancing in the limo!  I honestly loved every part of the whole day, but this time stood out as a very fun and relaxing time during an otherwise very busy day.  IMG_6613

What resources did you love to use?  

I think my most valuable resource was the advice from other brides.  Listen to what they have to say and keep it in mind as you move forward with your planning.   

I used pinterest for a few ideas, but mainly found myself overwhelmed by it.  Once I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, I actually avoided pinterest as it made me question myself.  

What ways you were able to save money?  

We used family members for our photography (my uncle and cousin) which saved us a lot of money.  We also did a few DIY projects which reduced our overall cost as well.  

Due to our long engagement, we were able to shop around for items for the DIY projects and get the best deals possible.  

We chose not to send out save the dates and just casually informed friends and family of the date, via facebook and phone calls, once we selected one. Another area we saved money was by not giving wedding favors as we felt the money would be better spent on other things.  10007233_10202304322513001_2762527421926765413_o

What advice would you share with a bride-to-be?  

Hire a videographer or at least have someone film your ceremony.  I did not do either and I don’t remember a lot about the actual ceremony.  

Also, make sure to pause periodically throughout the day and just take in the moment.  If you can, sneak away with your new spouse and share a bit of alone time.  The day will fly by so just make sure you savor every minute!

Anything else you would like to share?

Enjoy the planning! I have talked to so many brides who say that they hated planning their wedding and that makes me so sad! Your wedding day only lasts for a few hours and you want to make sure you enjoy the whole experience, not just the big day.  

Also, make the day what you want it to be and do not feel pressure from others to plan a wedding that does not fit you and your spouse.  The planning will be more fun if you are planning the day that YOU want and not just trying to make others happy.Favorite Pic of day

Kaitlin’s photographers: Peter Follmer & Ryan Follmer – family members

Kaitlin’s bridesmaid dresses: Mori Lee Allusions Style 31013, Color: Peacock


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