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Yay Mrs. Monday! It’s hard to believe that today means we are officially into March! What details are you working on right now for your big day? Maybe you have the “big stuff” crossed off your list or maybe not…what I love about today’s wedding is that it all came together in the span of 3 months (!!!). Read on and be encouraged brides. Your day is your day, and whether you plan for years or days or somewhere in between your wedding will be a beautiful celebration of the new beginnings & love.


Meet Emily! Emily and her husband Jack were married on June 8, 2012 and kept the party going with their reception a few weeks later in July! Her wedding features a breathtaking outdoor ceremony venue and countless thoughtful details handpicked by her and her husband. Enjoy!
Wedding- Jesse & Emily - 052523802_582707129546_655995747_n

How did you and your husband meet?

Jack and I were both adult chaperones from separate groups on a mission trip.Wedding- Jesse & Emily - 106

Length of engagement?

3 months7

Favorite part of planning?

All of the personal touches we included such as:

  • The handbell choir that I played in served as the ceremony music
  • Showing a movie of our story and the ceremony during the reception
  • Providing popcorn & candy for our movie (I used to work at a theatre)
  • Our planning was truly a partnership – Jack wanted just as much say in the event!IMG_6564

Hardest part of planning?

Planning separately for ceremony and reception; the reception took place out of state 3 weeks later.

Ceremony venue?

Stoney Creek Metro Park –  MichiganWedding- Jesse & Emily - 087

Ceremony music?

I had my church handbell choir (which I was a part of) play. They played a beautiful arrangement of “Canon in D/Amazing Grace” and “For The Beauty of the Earth”Wedding- Jesse & Emily - 056

Scripture readings?

 Colossians 3:12 – 14

John 15:9-12

Reception venue?

Chapel Glen Clubhouse – Indianapolis, IN on July 1IMG_6618

Color palate?

Teal & WhiteIMG_6676

Flower details?

Brooch Bouquet – each brooch came from a friend or family memberWedding- Jesse & Emily - 028


Overall size of wedding?

SmallWedding- Jesse & Emily - 118

First dance song?

Maybe, I’m Amazed by Paul McCartneyIMG_6720

Father/Daughter dance?

Daughter by Loudon Wainwright – with a picture slideshow playing which we dancedIMG_6724

Mother/son dance?

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynrd as covered by Shine Down  – also with a picture slide show playing while they dancedIMG_6740

What did you DIY?

  • My brooch bouquet – I collected the brooches & it was put together by my aunt
  • Wine bottle centerpieces with Phoenix logo stenciled on
  • Extended family made the food and the cake
  • Belt and headpiece for dress

What is a fun personal touch you added to your day?

I can’t choose one, so here are my top 2!

  1. We have tattoo wedding rings, so since we couldn’t have them done during the ceremony, we got them done the day before. One our wedding day we tied ribbon around our fingers that were untied during the ceremony.
  2. We wrote our own vows. We worked individually then collaborated to come up with a shared statement and memorized it to be recited at the ceremony.41

Any fun stories from planning?

More fun stories from actual event:

  • We had a friend videotape our ceremony and the battery died right before the kiss!
  • We had another friend shoot off fireworks in park as we rode off on a motorcycle at the end of our ceremony (to replicate our first date) and he got stopped by the park security!Wedding- Jesse & Emily - 072
  • My dress got stuck in wheel of motorcycle as we rode off, so we had to stop and do a change of clothes in a neighborhood! Thankfully the plan was to cut the length of the dress for our reception a few weeks later, so it worked out!
  • We found our DJ the day before the reception when we went to purchase the sword to cut our cake!IMG_6785

Favorite part of your wedding?

Ceremony – having a homemade brunch with family at my house prior to the wedding; Taking the pictures during the ceremony so we could ride off into the sunset at the end!

Reception – Hiding in the back watching our guests watch our movie before we joined them to watch the rest of it; Toasting with margaritas!IMG_6607

Any resources you loved to use?

I am sure I used Pinterest, but already had a lot of ideas that we focused on carrying out.

Any ways you were able to save money?

I bought my dress as a vintage shop for $100. Between my mom and a friend, they were able to tailor it both for the ceremony and the reception. All three of our photographers were personal friends, so we got a discount there. Both ceremony and reception locations were small fees to reserve.

What advice would you share with a bride-to-be?

Absolutely no need to spend so much money that you are in debt to start your marriage. They are many things you can do for cheap with the help of family and friends. You also don’t have to wait because of the variables in planning. If you want a certain date or season, go for it. Be creative with where you have it and what you wear. I still wear my now shortened wedding dress when we go out on our anniversary. It’s your day and it should be something you remember fondly!12


Emily’s Photographer information 



  • Nancy Weiss

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