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TGIM? Is that a thing? One thing that Monday has going for it is that it’s a day to start your week off with a fresh start. At least…that is what I told myself this morning as I crawled out of bed towards a cup of coffee 😉 How was your weekend? What do you have on your to-do list {wedding or otherwise} this week? First things first, you need to take 5 minutes to relive this week’s gorgeous wedding with our new Mrs.!



Meet Morgan!! I have known Morgan for many years now and love what a genuine and kind-hearted soul she has! It’s been so fun to hear her wedding planning story and now share it with all of you. Morgan and her lovely husband, Josh, tied the knot on October 17, 2015. Check out all her DIY projects & stories of how everything pulled together for the day of her dreams. 


How did you and your husband meet?

Josh would say we met in high school (I sat right behind him in AP History class), but I don’t remember that at all! We met ‘again’ when I started working at Kremers Urban where he was working too.

Josh was really big into CrossFit, so I remember stopping in every morning at work to see what crazy workout he was doing that day. After a little convincing from one of my best friends, I too started CrossFit too and Josh and I totally hit it off!Brown283.jpg

Length of engagement?

10 months

Wedding planning strategy?

I didn’t use a wedding planner person but I did have a wedding planning book that my mom bought me to help keep everything in check. It had sectioned folders (reception, ceremony, cake, flowers, music, etc…) where you could put all your info and receipts. It also had tons of check lists and to-dos from one or two years away from your wedding all the way up to the day of.

Favorite part of planning?

I am a planner and love making lists, so my favorite part was checking things off my list and getting closer to our special day.

Hardest part of planning?

Not stressing out about the little things. I learned that you can’t make everyone happy, but at the end of the day what’s important is that you’re getting married to the love of your life.

Ceremony venue?

Immanuel Lutheran Church in Seymour, INBrown725

Ceremony music?

We had an organist for our ceremony music and it was very traditional Lutheran. Our mothers and grandmothers walked down to “Wake, Awake”, my bridesmaids walked down to “Canon in D”, and I walked down the aisle to “Trumpet Voluntary”.

Scripture readings?

We had three different readings:

Reception venue?

Our reception was at Factory 12 Event Loft in Columbus, IN. It was everything I ever dreamed of for my reception- old wood floors, exposed brick walls, and big wooden beams wrapped with lights. It was so perfect because it was beautiful on its own so I didn’t have to stress about decorating a lot.Brown581


Simple & prettyBrown002.jpg

Color palate?

Navy, gray, and olive greenBrown295.jpg

Flower details?

I carried a bouquet of white peonies with green leaf accents. My bridesmaids carried bouquets of green hydrangeas. We also purchased dried hops from a Michigan brewery to use for the boutonnieres.  Brown216Brown410

Wedding party size?

We had 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen, and 3 ushers.Brown314.jpg

Overall size of wedding?

I think medium – we had about 150-175 guests

First dance song?

“Close Your Eyes” by Michael BubléBrown619

Father/daughter dance?

“What a Wonderful World” by Louis ArmstrongBrown628.jpg

Mother/son dance?

“You’ll Be in My Heart” from Disney’s TarzanBrown634

What did you DIY?

I think the only thing we DIY’ed for our wedding ceremony were the programs. Those were super fun, but time consuming.Brown021

Most of our DIY things were for the reception. My sister made a cute Instagram chalkboard sign with our wedding hashtag. She also made a little sign with our wedding date to put on the table with our guestbook.Brown577

I made a sign for our cupcakes flavors. I painted the vases that held our bouquets at the reception with chalkboard  paint and then wrote “LOVE” across them.Brown568Brown576.jpg

My favorite was a double sided chalkboard sign that welcomed everyone to our reception on the front and had a thank you note on the back.Brown579Brown562

What is one fun personal touch you added to your day?

Oh gosh, I have more than one! I found an awesome Etsy vendor that makes personalized patches, so I bought one to sew onto my dad’s tie. The patch says “I loved you first, Dad” with our wedding date.Brown406Brown115.jpg

My mom and I wanted to incorporate some pieces from her and my dad’s wedding, so I wore her garter. I also cut a small piece of lace from her wedding gown and used it to wrap around the bottom of my bouquet.980754_10106517848790639_7627807236042817981_oBrown019

Any fun stories from planning?

Josh & I both had a lot of fun coming up with our bridal party gifts and the gifts for our parents. I loved looking through all the Etsy shops and Pinterest pictures for ideas for the perfect “thank you for being a part of our special day” gifts.Brown212

Favorite part of your wedding day?

Marrying Josh, of course! Again, there are a few favorites! I loved getting ready with my bridesmaids, mom, and cousin, just laughing and telling stories.

Another favorite – Josh and I wrote letters to each other, so before our first look we stood on opposite sides of the sanctuary doors holding hands and read our letters. It was so emotional. Right after that, we went outside for our first look and our families stood at the windows watching. It was very special to have our own first moment but also for our family to have a glimpse into it too.Brown232Brown240Brown242Brown245

One more favorite to share was Pastor Rodriguez’s sermon. I’ve known him for almost 15 years now, so it was really special to have him be a part of our day. He not only tailored the sermon to our passion for CrossFit, but also tied in how important our love for Jesus should be too.Brown722

Any resources you loved to use?

Pinterest was such a great resource. There are more ideas on there than I knew what to do with. I also asked my bridesmaids for ideas as they were all already married. Another great resource was Etsy for all of our personalized special gifts and touches.

Any ways you were able to save money?

We bought all of our candles from Hobby Lobby. We would go every other week when they were having sales on candles.

I researched a lot of different sites and Googled everything to make sure I was getting the best deal for flowers, my veil, candy, etc.

I saved a lot of money by using fake flowers, which I can keep forever. I bought all the bouquets from and didnt spend more than $50. Even though it was really cheap, the bouquets still looked real and pretty.Brown309

Another big way we were able to save money was through one of my friends who had recently gotten married. She had used these beautiful lanterns for centerpieces and I asked where she bought them. She had actually rented them and gave me the contact information, which saved me hundreds of dollars – lanterns are so expensive!Brown741.jpg

What advice would you share with a bride-to-be?

Enjoy every single moment! So, so much goes into planning and then it’s all over in the blink of an eye. Take a moment while you’re getting ready, while you’re walking down the aisle, while you’re at the reception to just look around and take it all in.Brown213

Anything else you would like to share?

Don’t stress about the small things. Two days before our wedding I was meeting my mom and sister for mani/pedis. I had brought my own glitter nail polish to use and while I went inside my parent’s’ house to get my mom, the bottle completely busted all over the front seat of our brand new car. It came out (mostly) after a trip to the detailer and my nails turned out beautiful, even with a different polish than planned. I promise everything ends up exactly as it should- perfect!Brown254.jpg

Fun bonus! Check out the Brown’s wedding day video!

Morgan’s Photographer: Cassandra Wilson | [refined] reflections

Bridesmaid dresses: I had each bridesmaid pick a different dress from the Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner Lace Affairs collection.



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