5 Cake toppers under $15

cake-1145609When I was planning my own wedding, I remember spending too much time hunting around for the perfect cake topper. While I love Etsy, it’s easy to go overboard on all of the things you can personalize to stick on top of your cake. Ultimately I ended up at Amazon which won out. Cute cake topper, free shipping…sold. After ordering it I instantly realized that I spent way too much time and energy on such a tiny detail. Oops! Oh well. It worked out, but now my counsel to you ladies – it just a dessert topper. Don’t sweat it 😉 If you really don’t care about this, delegate this detail to a mom or girlfriend or really anyone asking to help. Give them a budget and let them go for it!

Here are 5 cake topper ideas for you all under $15, all from Amazon, and all super cute!! Happy shopping!!Kyla


Chalkboard Wedding Cake Topper -$13Chalkboard toper.jpg

“Love” Gold Sparkling Cake Topper -$9gold love.jpg

“Just Married” Rustic Bunting – $14Just married banner.jpg

“Just Married” Rustic Bunting – $12Just married 2Mini Adirondack Chairs – Set of 2 – $9charis

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