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My weather was beautiful and warm this weekend. The kind of weather where you can’t help but want to be outside. I have to imagine that someone living around me must have had a beautiful outdoor wedding taking place because it would be a shame to waste such wonderful weather! This week’s wedding took place just a few months ago on a much colder day – but beautiful regardless! You will love it 🙂 Enjoy!


Meet Tegan! Tegan and her husband Reise began their marriage on January 2, 2016. After many years of dating, this sweet couple was married on a wintery day surrounded by family and friends. A glowing bride, sparkly winter details, hot chocolate – it was all perfect. Keep reading for all the details from the bride herself!

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How did you and your husband meet?

Reise and I met at a local megachurch’s youth night. This church as a large hangout area for the youth and is known as the “Hub” .  We both attended the same hangout night back in the summer of 2008 through our best friends at the time – who also ended up being our best man and maid of honor! I’ll be honest, I went to the Hub that night looking forward to meeting “guys”. However, we formally met over a group game of Catchphrase which Reise refused to pass on to me. I think it’s because he was already liking me at this point – ha!RT front of church

Length of engagement?

10 months

Favorite part of planning?

I loved when details started to come together and our vision of a sort of “rustic winter elegance” theme started to emerge clearly. It is so fun to see your hard work pay off and beautiful elements of your wedding come together! I wanted to capture this idea of winter pine/wood and sparkles and it worked!View More:

Hardest part of planning?

Reise had a summer camp internship for his college, Moody Bible Institute, at the time of the summer during our engagement. This meant that for several months he was away in a small town about 2 hours from our hometowns. However, due to the nature of internship, the poor reception in a small town, and more, it was hard to stay connected – meaning I had to make some big decisions without Reise. We did our best to stay in contact, but I am grateful for his support even from a distance while I did those things.

Ceremony venue?

St. John’s Lutheran Church in Elgin, Illinois – the church I grew up in and that my family still attends.View More:

Ceremony music?

My dear friend Emily Rice who I met in college at Concordia University Chicago is a beautiful pianist and she agreed to provide music for the ceremony.

Pre service music was a variety of old hymns. My bridesmaids walked down the aisle to piano versions of “Canon in D” and my entrance song was “It is Well with My Soul”.View More:

Scripture readings?

Reception venue?

Elgin Country Club in Elgin, IllinoisView More:


As I mentioned earlier, I wanted an “elegant, rustic winter theme” which meant pine, pinecones, woods, and silver sparkles all mixed together.

Color palate?

Navy & Grey with pops of Evergreen12998145_10154150628476457_5669697036936532617_o

Flower details?

Our bouquets and boutonnieres had beautiful details in them including mini pinecones that my family and I collected in the U.P. the summer of our engagement, Brunia Berries, Pine/Evergreen branches, Anemone, roses, and more!View More:

Wedding party size?

Our wedding party was large! Reise had 8 groomsmen and I had 9 bridesmaids which included 1 junior bridesmaid.View More:

Overall size of wedding?

Our wedding size ended up being around 175 people, so I would say that is about a medium size wedding.

First dance song?

“Favorite Girl” – The Icarus AccountView More:

Father/Daughter dance?

“Butterfly Kisses” – Bob CarlisleView More:

Mother/son dance?

“I Hope You Dance” – Leann WomackView More:

What did you DIY?

  • I painted a sign that we used for our engagement photo shoot which also was placed on our head table that said “1-2-16”.
  • My sister, Tessa Pfortmiller, created and designed the wedding programs which we printed and cut at home.
  • My family created the placecards for the wedding which were pinecones that I had collected from our backyard and then we glued the placecard to them.
  • For those meals which were special dietary needs, my Dad spray painted them silver to help the serving staff.View More: More:

What was a fun personal touch you added to your day?

Reise and I chose to write our own vows which was very special to us. The words we wrote were from our hearts and captured our vision for a Godly marriage. Additionally, Reise gave a speech at our reception which was a reminder of our love for the Lord and how the day is only possible because of God’s Grace. He reminded our guests that despite the fact that this wedding feast is great, the one we experience in Heaven will be far greater and that we want all our guests to be able to experience that through faith in Him.

On lighter note, Reise and I really wanted “comfort food” to be served since it was the beginning of January! So, our reception venue was able to do a starter of grilled cheese and tomato soup and a closer of a hot cocoa bar – which were both  huge hits!View More: More:

Any fun stories from planning?

Reise and I had a ton of fun being able to pair up our bridal party as in which bridesmaid will walk with which groomsmen. We also really enjoyed picking out our bridal party gifts for the people who mean so much for us. View More:

Favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite parts of the wedding day included our first look, which took place in front of the large stained glass window in the church. It was so special to see Reise before our ceremony and to pray with him about the gift that we were about to experience.View More:

Secondly, while we were standing in front of the church and hearing the message by the pastor and exchanging vows, there was a gorgeous golden glow cast on Reise’s face from the sun coming through the stained glass windows. I can still picture how wonderful and magical that felt to be staring at my very soon to be husband and to remember those emotions even now.

Finally, it was an incredible feeling to be surrounded by every single person that you love and that they are all in the same room to celebrate you and your husband!View More:

Any resources you loved to use?

Pinterest! I got so many great ideas for our vision through Pinterest and I was able to show my vendors easily what I was envisioning. Additionally, I really loved using Etsy for anything that I could! We love to support small businesses and we saved a ton of money by using Etsy.

Any ways you were able to save money?

As I said before, Etsy was such a great way to save money! And our invitations were the most beautiful I could have ever imagined. We also saved money by using the website “Wedding Chicks” which has a ton of free and personalizable print outs. Plus, using items from places like Hobby Lobby where you can wait for a sale or use a coupon, helped a ton. I found my garter set there for less than 5 dollars!  View More:

What advice would you share with a bride-to-be?

A dear friend of mine told me to be done with all things wedding related 48-72 hours in advance of the big day. That means that if there is anything left to be done, those tasks need to be delegated to family or friends. I followed this guideline and it helped me be stress free and fully present for our dress rehearsal and big day!

I am so glad I had family and friends be present to assist me in all things wedding related and that I could soak up the moments that meant the most without focusing on the to do list.

Anything else you would like to share?

I honestly loved every aspect about our wedding and just wish that I could relive every single moment again. Be sure to soak up moments throughout the day where you say to yourself “I want to remember this” and focus in on those senses, smells, sights, sounds, etc. I have several moments from my wedding that I can remember so clearly because I allowed time to slow down and ground myself in this way.View More:

The Vaughn’s wedding day video:

Tegan’s photographer: Photography by Britton – Britton and Erika Felber

Videographer: The Alcantaras  – Pat and Arielle Alcantara 

Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal – Long Mesh Dress with One Shoulder 

Groomsmen suits: Men’s Warehouse – this was great because we had people all over the country being in our wedding party!



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